Friday, January 15, 2010

{new blog find}

she is an amazing photographer and she has the cutest baby ever.
do check it out.
so, i'm almost done our vacation photo report. i'm never ever taking that many pictures on my vacation. the only reason i took so many is that maybe some of you want to see pictures from this side of the world. plus it's fun to look at them with sienna and remember our vacation better.
new ideas and thoughts are brewing in my mind. i have a feeling that big changes will come to my blog soon.
i so need to start reading the news more often. i had no idea what's been happening in haiti. if i hadn't heard about it on facebook, i'd probably still be clueless. my heart goes out to all the people suffering from the effects of that earthquake. signs of the times, i guess.
i'm grateful that i already donate money each month for humanitarian aid. it's a way of life for me. not just when something bad happens. i love donating via our church because all the money goes to help people, none of it is used for administrations costs (salaries etc). quite often they are one of the firsts at a site of a disaster. usually with red cross. fully organized and not scrambling to put something together after the fact. i'm so proud of our church. i must say it even though our church doesn't ask for any attention to it's humanitarian efforts. millions and millions of dollars are spent each year to aid the poor and the suffering. i'm glad i'm a small part of it.
i'm sorry if some of you get sick of me talking about my church. i honestly don't mean to be shoving anything down in anyone's throat, so to speak. i just can't help to talk about it at times as the church is a big part of my life and often i feel that it's my duty too to educate others of it as there are so many misconceptions about our church. if you don't want to hear about that part of my life, just skip those postings and enjoy the rest of my blog.
gotta go.
big thank you for anyone who has ever commented on my blog. i want you to know that those comments mean a lot to me and i don't take them for granted.

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  1. I'm so proud too, you're awesome for sharing your thoughts and the info.


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