Thursday, January 7, 2010

{california vacation, day 5, the beach}

day 5, december 24th
we hit the outlet shops near our resort. didn't really buy much (sienna got a new dress) but it was fun just to browse and enjoy the beautiful day. had fresh pretzels too. yum.

ah! the beach. Y
how i had missed the sea.
we found some more treasure for our treasure collection. dried up seaweed pods, a smooth black rock, a smooth round burned drift wood, sea shells...

in the evening we went out to eat again. we saw the biggest chocolate cake ever and of course we had to test our sex appeal. :)
mine was "uncontrollable" and jay's was "hot stuff". :D


  1. Did you go out to eat at Claim Jumper's? They have a HUGE chocolate cake too!

  2. :DDD Hyvät noi testitulokset!

  3. that's where we went. the older folks' choice. :)


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