Friday, January 8, 2010

{california vacation, day 7, san diego's old town}

hope you'll enjoy this photo tour of san diego's old town.

...and the winner of "the most vacation pictures ever shared on a blog" award is....
s a n s k u :) !
and i'm not even done yet! :D ha haa :D
happy friday everyone!
ps. pictures #2 & 3 are of the mormon battalion headquarters. way back when, the US government asked the mormons to send a huge army to fight against the mexicans in california (pretty bold after what they had done - or should i say, not done - to our church members back then). our army walked all the way there but they never did end up fighting in the war. but due to this, our church members are part of san diego's history. many members ended up settling in california.
the building was closed for renovations. bummer.


  1. Nämä lomakuvasi pistävät kyllä haukomaan henkeä ihastuksesta. Uskomattomia! Lisää please! (Vaikka jo voittaja oletkin:)

  2. Kivoja lomakuvia.Paljon olette kerinneet.Lisää kuvia odottelen :)
    Hyvää uutta vuotta!


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