Sunday, January 10, 2010

{california vacation, day 8, the san diego zoo, part I}

day 8, december 27th
we spent a full day in san diego zoo and still didn't see all there was to see. what i loved about this zoo is that it was so easy to see the animals.

i did not know there are turtles with such long necks. huh. check out the webbed feet.

we joke about hippos all the time in our family. last time when we went to the calgary zoo, the hippo there sprayed poo everywhere. thank goodness we had just passed the area where it happened. others weren't quite so lucky.
this hippo was standing like this for a long time. then he pooped. then he went about his day. :)

there was a line up to see the pandas. we had to be very quiet so we wouldn't disturb them. did you know that a panda's fur isn't soft. it feels like a hair brush. huh.

these big, white birds are native to san diego. they were everywhere.

oh how i love zebras!
a baby dik dik

i can't wait until i can cuddle with pandas, lions, tigers... (i believe we will be able to in "heaven").
me lovey animals so, so very much.
more zoo pictures to come. :)


  1. that turtle's long neck looks kind of freaky,,, sorry turtle!
    what is the name of the moose with the zebra legs?!

  2. Ihana panda! ja nuo seeprat ovat myös minun suosikkeja

  3. connie: it was a bit freaky. yet cool. :) those are okapi.


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