Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{california vacation, days 9 & 10 & 11}

days 9 & 10 & 11, december 28 - 30
ok, so at this point we're at jay's grandparents' place in hacienda heights (south of los angeles). we took a break from being a tourist. shopped and visited instead. we were pretty beat from all the walking we had been doing so it was nice to just relax a bit. sienna jumped on a trampoline, we went for some walks (and regretted it as our feet couldn't stand it anymore :)), read, played... one night we went out to eat at norm's. yeah, you read that right. we ate at norm's. and the place was exactly what it sounds like - a retired people's heaven. :) it was jay's grandparents turn to choose the restaurant and we sure paid for it. ha haa. :D
we had one rainy day. well, you can't really call it rain. it was more like a mist. you didn't need an umbrella and the mist felt soothing and caressing. love these pictures i took of the van's windshield.
it was good that we rested because next on our agenda was disneyland = tons and tons more walking. non stop all day long. :)


  1. Kivoja kuvia taas!
    Jään ootteleen disneylandin kuvia.
    Oon käynyt siellä vuonna-05.Ja haaveilen,että jos joskus pääsisi sinne uudestaan tyttöjen kanssa.Se matka sinne on vain niin piiitkä :)

  2. mirva: floridassakin on disneyworld. vahan lahempana olisi.


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