Monday, April 27, 2009

{comic & entertainment expo}

So good to have Jay back home. He spent the weekend at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment EXPO. He was there with "the other Jay" from Happy Harbor Comics (our ex business partner and he bought our business from us). They were selling collectable toys etc but also had time to enjoy the expo. I can't remember for the life of me who was the comic artist who did this picture of Sienna and "who was this character again?". :) Jay always gets personalized art done for Sienna when he goes to these expos. These expos are fun. People dress up as movie/comic/tv show characters. There are celebrities (I would have loved to go and chat with Ray Park who played Darth Maul in Star Wars) and comic book artists. Jay said Sergio Aragones (who does the comic Groo, which I love!) was a really fun guy. Their hotel's fire alarm went off at around 1am and everyone had to go outside and wait when the fire department searched the hotel. I guess Sergio was taking tons of pictures for his blog and joking around. Someone had used the fire distinguisher (no fire though) and that had set the alarm off. When Sienna gets older, we'll have to go to the San Diego EXPO together. In California, these expos are huge. Fun, if you don't take things too seriously. Personally, I'd love to dress up in fun costumes and just be silly. :) This reminds me of the night when Star Wars Episode I came out and we got to go to a special screening with our 501st Legion friends (, check out the off duty photo gallery! :)). They are a group who dress up in totally real looking Star Wars outfits. They got a permission from George Lucas himself and he approves their costumes. They do volunteer work. Robin was in heaven when a stormtrooper "arrested" him at one of our store's yearly VIP Party. Fun, fun.
I printed these new clip arts for yesterday's scenary thingy. Such a simple idea and Sienna loves it.

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  1. The sketch is by Mark Choi. The character is X-23, who is basically a female "clone" of Wolverine (she has two claws in her hands and a third comes out between her toes!) The show was awesome!

    Even better to be home in my own bed with MY wife!



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