Sunday, April 5, 2009

{warning: a very religious posting, feel free to skip if you don't want to read tons of religious stuff}

Now I feel the right Easter spirit. We have been watching our church's general conference on tv (I still can't believe that here in Canada I can watch it on tv instead of having to go to church and watch it via satellite). Every year, during the first Saturday and Sunday of April and October, our church holds a general conference that is broadcast to all the world. It is like a spiritual feast and afterwards you can't help but feel uplifted, edifyed and nourished spiritually. I so love these weekends! A wonderful spirit fills our home. It seems like the troubles and stresses of the world disappear for a moment and we get to think higher thoughts and see brighter views. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ so much. I am not ashamed to declare that to the whole world. I know it's not a popular thing to say nowadays. The world in general seems to have little regard for God and anything to do with religion. But I can't help but tell all that I love the gospel. I know that Jesus Christ was a real person who lived on earth and taught the way back to our Heavenly Father. I know that He is God's Son. I know that He organized a church and chose His twelve apostles to lead it with authority from Him. I know that due to persecusion and the state of the world in those days, the church crumbled and a great apostasy occured. People started to fight about doctrine, apostles were killed (and with them went the authority), people only relied on their own knowledge to understand the things of God. Many centuries of confusion followed. Look at the things that were done in the name of Christianity and you can't help but acknowledge that that is true. The pure knowledge of God and the gospel as Jesus taught it had been changed into human wisdom and human understanding. Often religion was only used to gain power and money. Then came the reformation times. Martin Luther and other very religious people noticed that the churches of their day didn't match the teachings of Christ in the Bible. They tried their best to "clean" and to "restore". Finally, in the 1800's, the world was once again ready for the fulness of the gospel. In America, people believed in freedom of religion. There was great new interest in religion. Many churches held meetings to sway people to join them. In Palmyra, New York, there was a humble farming family, the Smiths. Joseph Smith was at the time 14 years old and wanted to know which church to join. He went to various meetings and read the Bible to try to figure out what he should do. He was confused as all the churches taught so differently even though they all read the same Bible. One day he read in the Bible that if someone needed knowledge, they should ask God (James 1:5). He decided to do that. One spring morning, he went to a grove of trees and knelt down to pray. He wanted wisdom to know which church he should join. What happened surprised him and he would have never thought that he would get that kind of answer to his prayer. God and Jesus Christ appeared to this unlearned, poor farm boy. They told him that the church of Jesus Christ was not on earth at the moment. Many things happened after that. Shortly put, through Joseph, the original church of Jesus Christ was restored back to earth. Joseph was ministered by angels (no, they don't have wings, they are people God sends to do His work in this world). He was tutored, taught all he needed to know. He was given the priesthood which is the authority to teach the gospel and to perform the ordinances of it. He was told that there is a record hidden in a hill not far from where he lived, that contained the dealings of God with a people who used to live in the Americas (south & north). Joseph eventually translated that record and it's now called the Book of Mormon. It stands as a second witness that Jesus really is who the Bible tells Him to be: a Son of God, our Savior and Redeemer. It shows that God loves all His children and has shown a way to live that will bring them happiness and joy in this life and eternal life with Him in the next.

I hadn't planned to write all this. It all just came. Sometimes I just can't help but want to share what I have found. I truly, honestly believe that I belong to Jesus Christ's church. That the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is led by Jesus himself through a living prophet and apostles. The gospel is the same gospel as when He taught it to people. Many things that have been lost due to the apostasy, has been restored.

I know some people don't like it when a person shares religious beliefs. But I can't help it. The gospel has brought so much joy and happiness to me. Peace. Understanding about why things happen in the world and in my own life. Knowledge of who God is and why He put us here on earth. Knowledge that there really is a plan in progress. There is a purpose to all this we call life. Hope that this life and it's many miseries (illness, death, suffering and trials of any kind) is only temporary and that we learn from it all. After this life, there is much to look forward to. One day there won't be any more suffering. Good WILL win in the end.

I love the gospel. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love prophet Joseph Smith and how humble he was and how willing to suffer for the gospel's sake. He was persecuted, imprisoned, mocked, harassed, beaten and eventually killed because he claimed what he claimed. I love the fact that I know that we have a prophet in our day who receives inspiration from God to teach us. I know that God lives. I know that He is the Father of our spirits, the soul that is in us. I know that He wants us to be happy. I know that because of what Jesus did, I can overcome death and sin and return back to Heavenly Father's presence one day to be forever with my family. I know that even though at first, some of the commandments that Jesus taught, seem restrictive, really aren't - they are meant to bring joy and happiness to us in this world. I know that each Sunday as I go to church, it helps me become a better person. I know that true, lasting peace is only possible when people turn to God. I know what it feels like to feel the Holy Spirit, the third member of the godhood. Words cannot describe those feelings and the joy that comes when you feel His influence in your life. I know that God listens to prayers and wants to guide us. I also know that we don't always see as God sees. He sees EVERYTHING, we only see this life and NOW.

I have written before how I found the gospel. You can find my story by clicking on the religion label. It's there somewhere in an old posting. I never in my life would have dreamt that I would become a religious person. Religion never interested me much. Now I realize that religion is fascinating and amazing. Learning more about God and His plan for us is exhilarating. If I could, I would want to share what I have found with every single person on this earth. I really would. When you have something precious, wouldn't you want to share? If you don't have a desire to share something, maybe you haven't found anything worth sharing yet. The gospel really can make you happy. That is why so many religious people want to share what they have found. Me included.

If you want to know more, please go to: (the basics of the gospel) (church's official web site)
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The gospel might not make sense right away, but give it a chance. It's like putting a puzzle together. You need many pieces to finally "see the picture". Don't give up. To get to know God is worth any effort and sacrifice you can make (time, looking foolish...).

s a n s k u :) loves the gospel and loves the fact that she loves the gospel. :)

So there. Now I'm sure I can go on for a bit again without mentioning the gospel. :)

ps. The video is part of one of President Gordon B. Hinckley's talks. A very uplifting story. President Hinckley has passed away. I so love him! He has been one of my favorite prophets of all time. His sense of humor, optimism, the way he loved his Marjorie (his wife)... When 9/11 happened it was him who cheered me up and helped me to have hope. His message brought me peace in the troubled world. I love him! He was a sweet, sweet man. And more than that - a prophet of God. God's humble servant.


  1. What an incredibly strong and powerful testimony you have! I think the internet can be such a wonderful tool for missionary work! This is a very touching and special blog post. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Our family also just LOVED General Conference too. It was fun to have my little 7 1/2 year old son say during one of the sessions, "Hey, I'm really understanding what they are saying in their talks... then he would give a really brief recap of the talk to tell us what he learned! It was really neat!

    Our family has set some goals for things that we felt we needed to improve upon after hearing this wonderful Conference. I also can't wait to receive the Ensign next month so that we can have a visual reminder of the wonderful counsel we heard!

  2. jennifer: I had a feeling you were LDS too. :) Sienna kept saying things like "he's talking about prayer" etc during talks. It's amazing how they listen even when they are playing. I need to improve on so many things it's not even funny. General Conference is great that way - gets you going in the right direction again. We record the conference and I usually watch a talk almost every day while I do my makeup in the morning. I miss so much as Sienna often distracts me.


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