Monday, April 13, 2009

{easter weekend report}

Our Easter weekend so far (today is still a holiday):
+ Jay curled Sienna's hair yesterday. She looked so pretty.
- I got an eye infection from Robin and can't drive as I can't wear my contact lense.
+ Thank goodness it happened when Jay is home and can drive us.
+ And thank goodness I can see pretty well without a contact lense (ever since my cataract surgery to my injured eye).
+ Robin went to his mom's for the weekend. I cleaned his bathroom and for once it's staying clean for more than 10 minutes.
+ Went to feed the geese at the nearby pond. Honk, honk!
+ Jay and Sienna went swimming again.
+ The playground is clear of snow. Sienna was having so much fun playing there again.
+ The weather has been gorgeous. I only wore a t-shirt and was fine.
+ Our niece came to babysit and we got to go to a movie.
- The movie sucked. It was "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage and it was way too creapy for my liking. The preview didn't show that it would be creapy. We thought it would be that regular end of the world kind of action only.
- The popcorn sucked too - it tasted plasticy and old (we took it back for a refund after). I kept saying "I'm definately buying this sound track." I was sarcastic of course as the music was soooooo creepy.
+ Our niece brought Sienna cute souveniers from her trip to London/Paris.
+ Jay continues to build the second room in the basement. Got the closets done and is drywalling the walls now.
+ There is only a tiny bit of snow on our back yard which faces north. Front yard has been clear of snow for awhile now. Crocuses are starting to show up.
- They're saying we'll get a bit of snow tomorrow. :( Hope it melts right away.
+ Ate at Montana's.
+ Easter egg hunt and supper at Jay's parents.
+ Sienna was so excited when she woke up this morning as Easter Bunny had come. She had so much fun looking for eggs. She also got a summer flower dress, a Hello Kitty baseball cap and a tiger game.
- We have WAY TOO MUCH chocolate in our house once again. Lots more than in the picture as I had already put tons of it in Robin's room. Then Jay's parents showed up again today and gave us another paper bag full of treats (for me and Jay). I'm trying to think of people to give chocolate to.
+ Later today we'll do the Easter family home evening with the Easter Story eggs.


  1. Teillä on ollut tehoviikonloppu, mutta mikäs sen hauskempaa!

    Meidän egg hunt jäi pitämättä, koska hunterilla lensi oksennus, mutta pidetään se sitten joku muu päivä tai ensi lauantain karkkipäivän sijaan. Felix ei onneksi vielä juurikaan ymmärrä, että pääsiäinen on nyt.

  2. i'll never pass up chocolate!!

  3. nanna: Ei se menoa haittaa vaikka paasiaista viettaisi viikkoa myohemmin. Pikaista paranemista pikkuselle!

    con: :D


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