Saturday, April 25, 2009

{great idea for kids}

Great idea:
Use an underbed storage box with a lid to make a sandbox for kids. For an added bonus, hide little trinkets and pretty rocks in the sand. Kids can dig for treasure! :) Sienna would be entertained for a long time.
I found the idea from:
Someone who left a comment claimed that sand can be toxic for kids so check to be safe. ??? I don't know about that. Kids play with sand on the beach and everywhere. What's wrong with sand? Maybe there are different types of sand or something. So be mindful if you plan to do this, I guess. ???
Later: I saw Toys R Us advertise play sand in their flyer.


  1. I've been out of town since Friday, and I really missing my incredible wife and adorable daughter. I just can't wait to get home again at the end of this weekend. I wish you were here with me. I'm glad you have keeping busy...great looking purse and great idea for the kids.

    Love you LOTS & LOTS & LOTS & LOTS & LOTS & LOTS....etc.


  2. Great idea. Mika (

  3. Voi ,että hauska juttu.Lapset rakastaa hiekkaa.Mun nuorempi tyttö erityisesti sen syömistä ;)
    Hienon laukun olit tehnyt.Ja kangas oli nätti.
    Itse en osaa ommella yhtään ;)

  4. J: Miss you tons too. Love you even more. <3 Few more hours left.

    mika: I thought so too. Takes less room than big sandboxes. Cheaper. And I love the idea to hide things in the sand.

    mirva: :) Jos mina osaan tuon laukun ommella, niin kylla muutkin. Tosi helppo. :)


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